Analytics Overview

The Analytics Reports will give you a view of all enrollments data. These reports will let you pull a comprehensive list of information and allow you to include any learner.

To get to the Analytics reports you will want to select Analytics in the global navigation and then select the Overview option.

Filter in the Analytics report


To access the Analytics report you will go to the Analytics [1] option in the navigation menu and select Overview. Here you have several filter options [3] and the options to Search, Hide Filters, and Additional Options [4].

Filter Options

There are several filters you can choose from to pull data on your account; Enrollment Date [1], Account Name [2], Group Name [3], Team Group Name [4], Tag/Category Name [5], Learnable Title [6], Required (Yes/No) [7], Show Terminated Users [8], and additional enrollments and learning item filter options [9].

The Account Name [2] should be automatically populated so no need to change anything here!

Enrollment Date

Enrollment Date filter can be set to Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Year to Date, or More. The More option will expand into many more preset timeframes or allow you to set a custom date range for your report. Note: if typing the date in you must use the YYYY/MM/DD format.

Learnable Titles Filter Option

Learnable titles all have the same options that allow you to specify if you want to look for a specific option.

Remaining Options

In the top right corner of the Analytics you will have the option to Update[1], Hide/Show Filters[2], and Dashboard Actions[3].

Once you’ve set up some filters for the search parameters the Search/Refresh arrow will show up as blue. This indicates there are new options selected that need to be searched for. If you’ve already hit the search button, it will show in grey.

In the more options menu you will see the options to Clear Cache and Refresh [1] will auto-refresh the report every hour if you are wanting to see if new information has appeared since you initiated the search, Download [2] will allow you to download the information that appears on your search, and Schedule Delivery [3] which will allow you to schedule specific reports to be delivered at desired intervals.





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